The Vanguard

The world is in chaos – the last known oil fields have been vanquished, over-population has reached critical levels and mankind is about to become a thing of the past.
Out of this apocalyptic nightmare, an entity known only as the Corporation devise a course of action to cull the human race and initialize a depopulation program. But in a last ditched attempt to save mankind, the scientists tasked with this act revolt and create a drug that reduces humans to a primitive ape-like state, known as Biosyns. Their sight reduced to virtual blindness, the Biosyns rely on scent and sound to survive, running wild in the unpopulated countryside.
But for Max – a young man cast adrift into the wilderness to live as a hunter/gatherer– the Biosyns are the enemy, and must be fought in order to preserve his very existence. Max has forged a life without human contact, and every day is a battle to stay alive.
And then the Biosyns begin to evolve – learning first to communicate, then banding together, their vision slowly returning – and now they’re coming for Max.
Unbeknownst to Max the Corporation has dispatched a group of genetically engineered soldiers – known as Trackers – to wipe out the Biosyns and to hunt down and kill Max, fearing he may be the antidote to the world they created…

Karen Admiraal, Jack Bailey, Emma Choy

Matthew Hope

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