Patient 14

Secretary Liza Raines becomes deaf after a shooting in a robbery. She is evicted and lives in her car when she is found by social assistant Grant Kane. Grant brings Liza to a Transition Shelter to be rehabilitated where she accepts to be submitted to an experimental treatment never tested in humans before in the Center for Hearing Research. The docter leading the CIA funded research, Dr. Gene Kramer, is pressed by CIA agent Aiden Porter to test his vaccine on fifteen patients eventhough the rats subjected to the experiment became psychotic. The patients also become psychotic and suicidal, with the exception of Liza, patient 14. She achieves the ability of hearing frequencies emitted by the brain and read minds as a side effect. Porter recruits Liza to work for the CIA disclosing the innermost thoughts of the suspects, but later Liza finds his real hidden intentions.

Lucy Jenner, Costas Mandylor, John J. York

Andrew Bakalar

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