My Family’s Secret

When Jason Darcie attempts suicide, he leaves a cryptic note for his wife Lara Darcie suggesting that the death of his little sister years ago wasn’t really an accident—and he may have even had a hand in it.
Driven by the need to know more about her husbands dark past and the secret that led him to want to end his life, Lara goes back to the small town where Jason was raised. There, she finds his father now senile and in a nursing home, leaving her with only Jasons younger brother Grady to help her unravel the mysterious confession in Justins note.
But what Lara doesnt know is that Grady suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder). Laras probe into the brothers chilling childhood causes one of Gradys more aggressive personalities to take control, eager to protect his familys secret and willing to stop at nothing—even murder—to keep the past buried.
As Lara gets closer to the truth, she puts herself and another woman, Candy, an attractive but antisocial ex-con that Grady often confesses his problems to, in grave danger. Realizing that Gradys most twisted personality is in control and after them, Lara must save herself and Candy from suffering the same fate as Gradys sister.

Nicholle Tom, Dylan Neal, Peter MacNeill

Curtis Crawford

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