Merah Putih 2: Blood of Eagles

BLOOD OF EAGLES is the second film of the highly acclaimed RED AND WHITE TRILOGY. An epic, action-packed intrigue thriller set in Java during Indonesia’s War of Independence in 1947, BLOOD OF EAGLES follows a heroic band of guerrilla soldiers, portrayed brilliantly by an all-star cast of Indonesia’s most talented young actors.
Divided by the secrets of their past and deep conflicts in personality, class and religion, the four young men unite to stage a desperate assault on a Dutch internment camp in order to rescue the women they love, played by the nation’s most talented young professionals.
The cadets link up with General Sudirman’s guerrilla headquarters, where they are given a top-secret mission behind enemy lines in West Java: a commando-style strike on a vital airfield that could help turn the tide of rebel resistance against the ruthless advance of General Van Mook’s August 1947 offensive.
The guerilla band penetrates deep into West Java, where they encounter a rival band of Islamic separatists, along with new allies and potential traitors, colonial spies in their own rank and civilian allies from the streets, and an old enemy in charge of Dutch intelligence.
Surrounded by the enemy around, the enemy above and the enemy within, the heroes must band together and trust each other as they battle intrigue, infighting, betrayal and the overwhelming power of a mighty European empire, in pursuit of a single goal: Freedom.

Donny Alamsyah, Ario Bayu, Atiqah Hasiholan

Yadi Sugandi

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