Greenstreet Hooligans 3: Never Back Down

Danny used to lead the top football hooligan firm, East London’s Green Street Elite. But in an effort to stop his family getting sucked in to the trouble that comes with the life he left London and turned his back on the firm. Sadly it didn’t stop there though. A year on and Joey, Danny’s younger brother, is now the Green Street Elite’s new fighting talent, a hardcore fighter in the image of his brother and firm legend Danny. One day during his self-­‐imposed exile Danny receives the inevitable call, Joey has been killed in a fight with the Millwall firm. Danny must return to London and the life he left behind to find  out what happened and sort out those responsible. Things  have changed though. With ten year sentences getting thrown about for the  slightest form of football violence the firms have had to get creative and take their war off the streets. Underground fighting is the way.  Each firm arranging specialist cage fights, teams of six on six. Full rules, refs and a league table. This is hardcore fighting, not mindless brawling. To make matters more difficult is Victor, Danny’s best mate and a police officer investigating the underground fighting world of the football firms. He has to  allow Danny to be his eyes and ears to that world whilst they search for Joey’s killer, and justice. Sadly years of beer and pies have turned Green Street Elite into a shadow of their former selves, their lacklustre skills and lack of fitness leading to Joey’s death. It’s up to Danny to get them back into shape and sort them out. Only challenging Millwall, now the top firm, will lead them back to their glory and getting revenge on the scum that killed his brother.

Scott Adkins, Kacey Barnfield, Joey Ansah

James Nunn

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Greenstreet Hooligans 3 - DVD - 2D