A Nanny’s Secret

Claudia has a bright future ahead of her. She attends university, has a loving boyfriend and lives with a terrific family, the Tyrrell’s, working as a nanny to their 7-year-old son. The only thing she can’t manage to get a handle on is her younger brother Carter. Ever since their father passed away, Carter’s life has gone downhill and he had to call Claudia multiple times to bail him out of jail.
When a single, masked intruder robs the Tyrrell family and kills grandfather Kurt, Carter becomes the number one suspect. Claudia is the only one who believes her brother is innocent, and when Carter convinces her that someone planted the evidence to frame him for the robbery, Claudia begins to realize that she is the only link between the Tyrrells and Carter, meaning the real killer is someone in her own world.
Determined to exonerate her brother and uncover the truth, Claudia must look at those closest to her, including the man she loves. In doing so, she finds herself caught up in a web of lies, greed, and betrayal.

Haylie Duff, Jessica Steen, Eric Johnson

Douglas Jackson

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